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Apply virtual reality at your workplace - with workshop

Apply Virtual reality at your workplace – with workshop

While learning the fundamentals of how to apply VR at your workplace it can also be good idea to try the relevant applications on the spot. We offer the same package in a classroom including personal guidance, VR stations, step-by-step guides and much, much more.

This program includes:

  • A lecture

    What applications are available today?
    What application can fit into your specific industry?
    What can the applications be used for?
    What areas in your business can be improved by VR?
    What is the cost of using VR in your business vs the actual goal?

  • Guidance

    Step by step guidance in how to use VR equipment and the different apps user interface.
    Help pinpoint the areas in your specific business where VR can prove useful
    Help with setting up a practical goal and how VR can help you reach it

  • Your own VR station

    Combo battery pack
    Elite headstrap
    Removable hygiene cover
    Logitech VR-headphones

  • Fika

    Coffee or tea

How does it work?

Our staff will swap applications as needed and open up and close meeting rooms or creative spaces so you can try them all, and also teach you how to do it yourself!

The goal is for you to walk out of there will full knowledge on how to make a solution for your own company.

The workshop takes place in the City of Gothenburg with the address being released prior to the event to the participants.

Date and times

We do the course at the 2th working day of each month.

08:00- 08:50 – Lecture

09:00-10:00 – VR Workshop

10:00-11:30 – Discussion, networking & fika

Feel free to book your spot below.

  • 3 hours
  • 4 950 SEK / p

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VR for the team | Workshop

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