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Want to grow closer as a team? Solve puzzles, defeat enemies, challenge your group dynamic and become masters in communication. 

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After Work

Cut cubes with lightsabers to catchy beats, climb the mountains of Himalayas or challenge your fear of heights on a thin plank elevated in the air together with your colleagues!

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Want to learn more about art in VR? Or find your motivation for exercise? Check out our workshops!

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Meetings in VR

When you book your next conference, why not combine it with Virtual Reality?Let's meet in VR and discuss the monthly budget while elevated on a mountaintop!

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VR technology...

...meets teambuilding

Which teambuilding should you choose?

Why are there advantages to mix todays teambuilding exercises with technology?

We at Vreact are passionate about work dynamic. Our main reason for using applications and experiences in Virtual Reality is to relieve people of social pressure. Have you noticed that you relax more when you are aware of that nobody can see you?

When diving into a new world while doing our teambuilding session you tend to form another identity that strips you of your previous self. You become more daring, your confidence grows, and you adjust yourself accordingly to the new environment and its rules. The social reprimands consist of subjects that has to do with the experience itself and usually bounces off easily as you can separate it from your physical person.


We have seen teams where individuals suddenly flower as they are finally able to express themselves in their own way with their colleagues. That is why teambuilding with an element of distraction, play and fun is so effective when it comes to getting to know each other. Even after the experience the effect linger and you feel closer to one another.

But we don’t believe play and fun in Virtual Reality should replace normal teambuilding exercises completely. It’s the combination that is important! By using the exercises in VR as a tool to measure other aspects that stems from Gamification and other focus-oriented psychological theories we can use that to map more than just the closeness to the team!


Our events are a combination of experiences in virtual reality, physical exercises and lectures.  
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