Our teambuilding events

We offer Immersive teambuilding exercises and AW activities in virtual reality!

We bring Virtual reality to your doorstep

Play games together, exercise, explore new worlds and connect

Invite us!

We are situated in Gothenburg!

2 stations

  • 60 minutes of various gaming experience in Virtual Reality
  • All VR equipment including vr headsets with controllers, combo battery packs, wiring and hygiene covers
  • Set up and intro with 2 of our experienced staff members
  • Add additional stations for 1000:-/station
  • Add additional hours for 3950:-/hour
  • More than 15 people? 1000:-/station + 300:- for every participant


Want to grow closer as a team? Solve puzzles, defeat enemies, challenge your group dynamic and become masters in communication. 

After work

Want to see how your friends handle the Zombie-apocalypse? Dive into an underwater world, cut cubes with laserswords to catchy beats, climb the mountains of Himalayas or challenge your fear of heights on a thin plank elevated in the air.

VR experience

VR isn’t all about gaming. Challenge your phobias of spiders, practice your art in 3D, exercise or watch a movie, meditate on a beach or develop your culinary skill.


Our events are a combination of experiences in virtual reality, physical exercises and lectures.  
First we...
  • ...provide a time table

    We plan the event and tailor the schedule for the different activities and make sure it fits with your needs,

Then we...
  • ...visit your venue

    We will take care of everything and bring Virtual reality straight to your office or home!

After that we...
  • ...prepare the VR

    We do all the set up and adjust the given space to the number of participants!

And also...
  • ...Food, drink and additional requests

    We arrange food, drinks, technology and anything else you might need.

And then finally...
  • ...its time for teambuilding!

    And the event has started!

Want to develop your team?


Let’s explore the timeline of Virtual Reality and find out how it was born, when the first VR arcade machine was built and when the fantastic device became available even for private consumers.

What is the technology behind it and how has it developed during the years? What is it being used for today? What can it be used for in the future?

  • 1 hour
  • FREE

In this FREE online course we will explore how to apply VR at your workplace. Would you like to improve the internal process within the company with the help of virtual tools and programs, but you don’t know where to start?

The amount of choices and options can seem overwhelming and that’s why we at VReact offer a free, web based version of our course in how apply VR at your workplace.

  • 1 hour
  • FREE

Would you like to improve the internal process within the company with the help of virtual tools and programs, but you don’t know where to start?

While learning the fundamentals of how to apply VR at your workplace it can also be good idea to try the relevant applications on the spot. We offer the same package in a classroom including personal guidance, VR stations, step-by-step guides and much, much more.

  • 3 hours
  • 4 950 SEK / p

Do you want to learn to cooperate and become more effective within a group? Are you an introvert or do you find it uncomfortable to work with new people?

In our unique lecture you get to experience a journey that takes you through developing exercises straight into the world of virtual reality where your relationships and your working identity is challenged to its core.

  • 4 hours
  • 5 950 SEK / p
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