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What we do for the environment

The environment

For us it’s important to take care of our environment. These are only some of all the steps we take in order to be as kind as possible to mother earth.

  • Choice of technology

    As we use a lot of technology and hardware we make sure to buy from trusted, larger companies who make their headsets with as much recycled material as possible.

  • We care about our equipment

    We rather repair than buy anything new. By being careful with our wires and headsets and making sure to store all the technology safely they last longer and our imprint on the environment will be smaller.

  • The recycling process

    When the device is broken the majority of all its content will be recycled. We cooperate with Oculus and Portalh2c who takes care of the finished device after use.

  • No cars

    That’s right, even though we are an event business we don’t use cars. We take the bus or tram whenever we can, or – for larger events -hire an uber.

  • Catering

    Whenever we cater, we never throw away food. If the customer prefers us to remove the remaining dishes, we will make sure it is donated to charity.

  • No excessive use of paper

    We send our invoices via email and mainly use files on the computer when we do our administration and bookkeeping.

Want to develop your team?


The dynamic of a team

In this course you will learn why we need teamwork in order to be productive. We will cover the sense of ownership, our wish to be included and why being part of something big can create meaning. We will take a look at how teamwork has developed over the years, and how the different parts of a team looks like and can change in different situations.

A stressful environment

We are going to look closer at the three major factors that can cause stress in a workplace. We will study our need for control, the pressure and demands we percieve from our surroundings and the importance of support. Together we will discuss and pinpoint that delicate balance that we all have to keep in order to have a healthy relationship with the workplace.

The human conflict

Getting along with people not of your choosing can be a challenge. Why are we scared of conflicts? How can we handle them better? In this lecture we will go through the different parts of a conflict, how our emotions work and how to become better at communicating with your colleagues.

15 000 SEK / ex moms
  • 2 hours

15 000 SEK / ex moms
  • 2 hours

15 000 SEK / ex moms
  • 2 hours
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