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Teambuilding, after work or conference?

Our events are a combination of experiences in virtual reality, physical exercises and lectures.  

island of unity

teambuilding in vr

Gamification Up to 10 participants

Exposed to the elements and with only a few tools at your disposal you will master your problem solving skills, challenge the dynamic within the group and become experts in communication.


Let's mingle!

After Work in VR

Gamification Up to 10 stations

Dive into an underwater world, cut cubes with laserswords to catchy beats, climb the mountains of Himalayas or challenge your fear of heights on a thin plank elevated in the air.

in vr

Conference in vr

Gamification Up to 10 participants

Prepare your presentations and upload PDFs straight into VR! Choose where you would like to have your meeting, play with sticky notes, upload 3D figures, power points, excel files and much more.