Experts in bringing teams closer with VIRTUAL REALITY IN GOTHENBURG

After work in VR

Use Virtual Reality to connect


It's time to play!

There is no limit to what you can experience together in VR!

Whether you want to swim with dolphins in the sea, do a steep climb up a rock in asia or raid a house filled with zombies you can rest assured that we will find something for everyone.

Our afterwork packages can easily be combined to contain the experiences of your choice. We mix and match to satisfy both the old and the younger audience. Not only do we offer the VR experience itself  but also catering, event planning and much more.

We are mobile and will come straight to your office or home with all VR equipment, staff and experiences of your choice!

2 stations

  • 60 minutes of various gaming experience in Virtual Reality
  • All VR equipment including vr headsets with controllers, combo battery packs, wiring and hygiene covers
  • Set up and intro with 2 of our experienced staff members
  • Add additional stations for 1000:-/station
  • Add additional hours for 2950:-/hour
  • More than 15 people? 1000:-/station + 300:- for every participant
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