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About Us

Solidarity, service, joy and passion

Our focus

we want to challenge the working structure

Our focus lies with understanding people. We wish to use technology to create graphic, practical examples we can relate to and combine this experience with human interaction. We want to challenge the dynamics of a group and their behavioural patterns in a new way.


We love connecting people and help teams become a part of something bigger. We are convinced that everybody can work to the best of their ability given the right tools and leadership.


We want to spread our joy to others. We believe having fun is the key to reach our goals and help our clients improve their way of communicating. If we have fun when we work together, so will you.


We believe service of top class is fundamental to create long-lasting, professional relationships. We are combining all our unique personalities and our experience to create an environment where serving becomes second nature.


We love both the world of Virtual reality and the world of personal growth. By combining these passions we are convinced our solidarity and joy will shine through and translate into the best of service and product anyone can provide.

Our specialization

Experts in coaching, leadership and how to make progress as a team

We specialize in...

  • Communication issues

    We teach and we coach regarding problems within the field of communication.

  • The "us against them" dynamic

    This dynamic is the most common symptom of an unhealthy working environment. We pinpoint the issue of the problem and take action to mold the team together as one.

  • Stress prevention

    We measure the level off stress and help your team take precations to avoid falling into common, destructive patterns.

  • motivation and ownership

    Any project has the possibility to be fun and motivating when provided with the right tools. We train your team and make sure they have what they need in order to succeed.

Tora stridh

Lecturer & Virtual Instructor

Tora Stridh is a lecturer, leadership coach and the CEO of VReact AB. She specializes in using Virtual Reality as a tool to create and maintain a better dynamic in the work place.

She has worked with Virtual Reality for many years and have ongoing projects together with large brands, including Facebook and Oculus where she evaluates and train retailers regarding new VR solutions on the market.


Apart from being a Community manager and a Brand influencer for Oculus, she was also a co-owner of one of the first VR arcades in Gothenburg, VR WORLD.

In this role VR was mainly used for entertainment purposes but she also took part in many projects regarding psychology, sickcare and phobias together with Göteborgs Stad amongst others.


Tora is a lover of gaming and has a previous education in 3D animation and programming. However, at the age of 23 she had a massive burn out because of a destructive working environment; and decided to reeducate herself.

With this burnout as a driving force she found a new passion for the working environment and group dynamics and decided to instead study leadership, business and HR.


Additional services

Tora is also a part of Förbättringsverket, a network of educators who is working together to offer lectures where their goal is to make every person their own happy workplace.

Gunnar Söderberg

Lecturer in working law & Gamification

Gunnar Söderberg is a lecturer and educator within leadership and organisation from a working law perspective. With the goal of teaching others to having fun at the workplace and build trust he is using gamification*, pedagogic exercises and a lot of humor to capture his audience and contribute his knowledge for a continued development.

As a lecturer he has been a moderator on Nordisk Fritidskonferens and had classes for both Chalmers and Handelshögskolan in Göteborg.
He has studied communication and also added a master of leadership and scientific theory to his education. Gunnar has been a boss himself, which makes him percieving and responsive to the teams needs.

Gunnar is also an expert in stress handling and is knowledgable in how to keep calm in stressed situations. He uses this skill to teach different techniques and give tools to solve pressed situations but also how to avoid ending up in them from the start. Gunnar has a passion for the human psychology and how to train the brain in the best way.

Gunnar is very professional, pleasant, solution oriented and very good to adapt to different situations. He is talented in judging when he is going to take the lead, and when he is going to let the participants take charge.

Samuel & Malin, Idrotts- och föreningsförvältningen in Göteborgs Stad

Additional services

Gunnar is also offering services a moderator and an educator through his webpage 
gunnarsoderberg.se where he offers lectures in gamification, working happiness and working law.

He is also a part of Förbättringsverket, a network of educators who is working together to offer lectures where their goal is to make every person their own happy workplace.

*Gamification = how to use the mindset behind gaming to create motivation and commitment.

Experts in teambuilding and Gamification in Gothenburg

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Want to grow closer as a team? Solve puzzles, defeat enemies, challenge your group dynamic and become masters in communication. 

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After Work

Cut cubes with lightsabers to catchy beats, climb the mountains of Himalayas or challenge your fear of heights on a thin plank elevated in the air together with your colleagues!

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Want to learn more about art in VR? Or find your motivation for exercise? Check out our workshops!

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Meetings in VR

When you book your next conference, why not combine it with Virtual Reality?Let's meet in VR and discuss the monthly budget while elevated on a mountaintop!

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